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Ceramic tiles are known for more home use; due to temperature changes, these tiles can vary in durability if too cold or too hot. Compared to porcelain, ceramic tiles are considered more porous, meaning they are less used when water or moisture is more frequent. Easy to afford and install, ceramic tiles are also recommended when having kids or pets around. Take a glance at the type of ceramic tiles available in the market.


What are ceramic tiles?

Although some speculate the beginning of ceramic tiles initiated in Egypt, other sources suggest by 1000B.C ceramic tiles were being produced and utilized worldwide. These tiles are made from clay, sand, and water, formed and then dehydrated in a kiln. The results of ceramic tiles can vary based on the materials used; these tiles can change in shading, durability, and consistency. Frequently enough, you can also find these changes occurring when you cook the clay for longer.


Types of ceramic tiles?

Glazed Ceramic Tiles – Glazed tiles can be found in 2 types of finishes; matte or glossy. These types of finishes are based on how long the tile is heated. Typically, buyers will purchase matte ceramic tiles for more of a rustic look, while glossy buyers tend to present a more modern design concept.

Wall Tiles – Homeowners usually purchase ceramic wall tiles for low-traffic areas, or spaces they wish to fill. You will find ceramic wall tiles in accent walls, bathrooms, and/or kitchens.


Floor Tiles – Placing ceramic floor tiles isn’t unheard of but isn’t typically used often, although ceramic tiles can be sturdy, they have to be installed by a professional to keep their strength and durability for the years to come. You may see ceramic floor tiles being used in warmer countries due to the cool nature of the tile.

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