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Over the past few years, the demand for laminate flooring has increased sufficiently with more color and design options. When considering laminate flooring for your home renovation, there are a few details to check over before you begin. Let’s take a look at what laminate flooring is really about!

What is laminate flooring?

The Europeans introduced laminate flooring in the 1970s, this type of flooring is made from synthetic material which consists of 4 layers;

1) Backing layer – The first layer acts as the foundation to help protect the subflooring. This first layer is also waterproof.

2) Substrate layer – Made from a solid fiberboard and gum to further protect from future reparations, creating another shield for any possible water damage.

3) Pattern layer – Our favorite part is picking from any color, image, design, and sometimes even texture for the look you wish to portray.

4) Wear layer – Final layer and one of the most important, a seal that helps to defend all floors to increase the longevity and life of your flooring.



The cost-effect option is produced from artificial material created to protect from water damage, dents, scratches, and stains. The process of plastic laminate flooring begins with a base layer of melamine, followed by a fiberboard that contains resin, finishing off with the final layer of hard plastic to conceal and shield your flooring. Throughout the years, manufacturers have instilled new techniques to build various designs and options to choose from; wood, stone, tile, etc.


Installation Type

Glue Less Click

One of the most accessible types of installations, glueless click, is designed with a double-click method to help sync the planks. With this method, you do not need any adhesive, making it the least messy option.


Considered the most durable installation, it uses glue to keep all flooring together and intact.


Before using pre-glued flooring, you might have to moisturize or happen the glue before installation. This method is straightforward, providing excellent structure and longevity to your floors.

Surface Type


A more simplistic finish helps to build and create a character. It is considered one of the most accessible surfaces to clean and maintain. In some projects, you can decide what level of gloss finish you’d like, from high, medium, to low.


This type of surface helps recreate your desired printed design and look very
realistic. Although the comparison will be very similar to its modeled look, it can be challenging to clean with specific grooves and edges being harder to reach.

Distressed/Hand Scraped

A budget-friendly yet still durable surface, distressed or hand-scraped surface brings in a more mature and authentic look by trying to match the grain of the type of wood you prefer to use.

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